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Staff Product Designer at Squarespace
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1. The Daily Mix at Spotify

Role — I partnered with product management and led the research, design, prototyping, and naming of one of Spotify’s largest product bets — The Daily Mix.

Benefit — Listen to music you love without the effort.

Impact — With a strategic release and user feedback, the product has been one of the most successful music products for the company.

Thank You — Matt Ogle, Paul Yu, Dan Sormaz, George Murphy, and many more for the great pleasure and fulfillment.

2. The Commerce App at Squarespace

Role — I partnered with product management and engineering to research, design, and prototype Squarespace’s Commerce App’s product experience.

Benefit — Handle your business while handling errands.

Impact — Unlocked the number one requested feature.

Thank You — Kimberly Lin, Thor Frolich, Damjan Spevec, Coulton Vento, Brooke Meier, Tomislav Novoselec, Ward Bonnefond, and other bright stars.

3. The Touchy Feely App

Touchy Feely App

Role — I designed and built out an interactive poetry experience on iOS.

Benefit — Detach from business centered apps on your phone.

Impact — On the individual tactical level, I gained familiarity with Xcode, Swift 4. At a higher altitude, it was a great exercise in prioritization and self-learning.

Thank You — Tim Lee at CodePath.

4. A Habit Tracker

Mighty Tiny Win Habit Tracker

Role — I partnered with my beloved brother and designed, prototyped, Kickstarted, and fulfilled dozens of these habit trackers.

Benefit — Become a more productive human.

Impact — Dozens of lives made incrementally better.

Thank You — All of our Kickstarter Backers, ProductHunters, and UnderConsideration.


1. A Talk on Souvenirs and Storytelling

Souvenirs Presentation

2. A Talk on Mutualism and Service Design

Mutualism Presentation

3. An Invitation to Improve Design Culture at Squarespace

Dot Dot Dot Invitation

4. A Farmer’s Approach to Systems Design — Joel Salatin runs Polyface Farms in Swoope, Virginia. He raises cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and rabbits there but considers himself mainly a grass farmer. The grass is the hero of his operation, converting solar energy into the foundation of the food chains at Polyface. On the subject, Joel likes to say: “to be even more accurate, we should call ourselves sun farmers. The grass is just the way we capture the solar energy.”

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5. Why I Made a Habit Tracker — A lot of us are familiar with Dieter Rams’ 10 principles of good design but what’s less familiar is his product checklist of 15 questions. The checklist invites makers to invest their energy in the best product possible — if any product at all. I’ll share what I believe are the top 3 and our perspective on them in relation to our Kickstarter. I’ll list his full checklist in the footer of this post since it’s worthy of a good mental download.

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6. Prioritizing My Way Out of Anxiety — There are a lot of challenges on my mind. Some of these are important and people depend on me to solve them within a fixed amount of time. Some others are less important but still add to the load that I carry daily. If I don’t take the time to pause and explicitly categorize them — they all blend together and I’m antsy as hell.

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7. Lazy Bonding — Bonding is a beautiful thing. It lets us be more vulnerable, more trusting, more giving. I’ve found that there’s the positive way to bond through time, attention, and acceptance. And there’s also the tempting lazy and negative route to bond through crapping on others.

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8. Own Your Health — In the last couple of months, I’ve taken a deep dive into our healthcare system. It all started when my mother was diagnosed with a blood cancer called Multiple Myeloma. Since then, I’ve been accompanying her along the journey of trying to find an informed and considerate oncologist, hunting for the most effective treatment, researching blood test results, etc.

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9. Patience — I’m learning more about the value of being patient in situations that I don’t find ideal. At first I considered the patience a form of settling into the condition, which I didn’t like. Whenever I was exposed to one of these conditions whether at work or in my personal life, I noted the condition and looked for another condition or created one altogether.

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