Hoyd Breton

Staff Product Designer at Squarespace in Austin, Texas.



Squarespace Point of Sale

How might we increase the channels our customers transact in?

Instruments: Design Sprint, User Research, Prototyping

Squarespace Commerce App

How might we improve our customers' experience while they're on the go?

Instruments: App Event Audit, Competitive Audit, Mobile Design System

EveryDayFeels App

How might I begin designing and building augmented reality experiences?

Instruments: Xcode, Figma, ARKit, CoreData, Swift


Touchy Feely App

How might coding my own iOS app help me be a better collaborator with engineering partners?

Instruments: Xcode

Woodworking Sabbatical

How might I apply my product design process to wood-based objects? Throughout several months I designed, prototyped, and made a range of objects which are still in use today.

Instruments: Bandsaw, Mitre Saw, Router, Mortiser, Chisel, Mallet, Ryoba, etc.


Squarespace VR

How might Squarespace translate its success with websites into virtual reality environments?

Instruments: Unity, HTC Vive

Squarespace Service Audit

What is the weakest point in our service and how might we go about strengthening it?

Instruments: Service Audit, Stakeholder Management, Chunking


Spotify Daily Mix

How might we help "lean back" listeners have better listening sessions?

Instruments: User Research, Prototyping

Mighty Tiny Win

How might I go about developing my first paid project and launch it with the financial support of others?

Instruments: User Research, Physical Prototyping, Storyboarding, Crowdfunding, Networking, Rapid Skill Acquisition


Facebook After Party

How might we provide helpful contextual guidance to business owners after posting on their page?

Instruments: User Research, Prototyping, Stakeholder Management

Facebook Flash Insights

How might we help businesses understand how their ads are performing?

Instruments: User Research, Prototyping, Stakeholder Management

InsideTip App

How might I improve my understanding of engineering concepts and build a simple app while I'm at it? The app was a tip calculator with support for the top travel countries as well as bill splitting. Live on the AppStore for several years.

Instruments: Xcode, AppStore, AppAnnie


SumAll WebApp & iOS App

How might we gather the key metrics of all the services you're using in one place in order to support better decision making?

Instruments: User Research, Prototyping, Stakeholder Management

Thank You

Wilfredo Peña, Andrej Radisic, Michael Heilemann, Luca De Rosso, David Gomez, Davin Chew, Paul Yu, Raphy Martinez, Dane Atkinson, Bernhard Mehl, Bejay Breton & Miachel Breton for the lessons shared.