Hoyd Breton

Senior Staff Product Designer at Squarespace in Austin, Texas.
I previously shipped meaningful products at Spotify and Facebook.



Here — A Weather Vibe Camera

How might we make digital photography a bit more magical and truly encapsulate the moment without additional effort?

Instruments: Xcode, Firebase, Swift, Core Image, Weather API

App Store


Squarespace Point of Sale

How might we increase the channels our customers transact in?

Instruments: Design Sprint, User Research, Prototyping

Squarespace Commerce App

How might we improve our customers' experience while they're on the go?

Instruments: App Event Audit, Competitive Audit, Mobile Design System

EveryDayFeels App

How might I begin designing and building augmented reality experiences?

Instruments: Xcode, Figma, ARKit, CoreData, Swift


Touchy Feely App

How might coding my own iOS app help me be a better collaborator with engineering partners?

Instruments: Xcode

Woodworking Sabbatical

How might I apply my product design process to wood-based objects? Throughout several months I designed, prototyped, and made a range of objects which are still in use today.

Instruments: Bandsaw, Mitre Saw, Router, Mortiser, Chisel, Mallet, Ryoba, etc.


Squarespace VR

How might Squarespace translate its success with websites into virtual reality environments?

Instruments: Unity, HTC Vive

Squarespace Service Audit

What is the weakest point in our service and how might we go about strengthening it?

Instruments: Service Audit, Stakeholder Management, Chunking


Spotify Daily Mix

How might we help "lean back" listeners have better listening sessions?

Instruments: User Research, Prototyping

Mighty Tiny Win

How might I go about developing my first paid project and launch it with the financial support of others?

Instruments: User Research, Physical Prototyping, Storyboarding, Crowdfunding, Networking, Rapid Skill Acquisition


Facebook After Party

How might we provide helpful contextual guidance to business owners after posting on their page?

Instruments: User Research, Prototyping, Stakeholder Management

Facebook Flash Insights

How might we help businesses understand how their ads are performing?

Instruments: User Research, Prototyping, Stakeholder Management

InsideTip App

How might I improve my understanding of engineering concepts and build a simple app while I'm at it? The app was a tip calculator with support for the top travel countries as well as bill splitting. Live on the AppStore for several years.

Instruments: Xcode, AppStore, AppAnnie


SumAll WebApp & iOS App

How might we gather the key metrics of all the services you're using in one place in order to support better decision making?

Instruments: User Research, Prototyping, Stakeholder Management

Thank You

Bejay Breton, Miachel Breton, Wilfredo Peña, Andrej Radisic, Michael Heilemann, Luca De Rosso, David Gomez, Davin Chew, Paul Yu, Raphy Martinez, Dane Atkinson, Ayush Saraswat, and Bernhard Mehl for the lessons shared.